Belle famille !

It is known, one does not choose one’s family and that also applies to the in-laws.

To build your home, you will have to deal with your family of origin and your in-laws, and it’s not that simple.

The challenge: finding the right distance to have to create your own family model without cutting bridges.

The in-laws are not rivals, on the contrary they can be real allies for the couple. They relieve the couple-parents, who can entrust them with the children, to find themselves in love, the time of an evening, a weekend.

Yet the multiple stories of in-laws (everyone has) prove that these relationships with this « adopted » family are not easy. Hence the obligation to impose limits in order to guard against the damage that can cause a too intrusive in-laws within the couple.

This type of family that wants to control, manage, decide, impose… But beware, this often happens when the couple did not agree on the subject.

Communication plays an essential role in avoiding any overflow of behavior.

You and your spouse need to set simple but strict and clear rules.

This is very important because it is one of the most frequent subjects of argument in couples, a source of tension.

Regardless, respect and communication are essential for the balance of the family unit.
The important thing is that there is respect for private life, respect for the person and respect for the couple’s choices.

However, overly intrusive in-laws, especially the mother-in-law, can be detrimental to the couple’s development if the situation is not well managed.

It is up to you to protect yourself by coming to an understanding with your spouse in order to lay the foundations for the relations which will prevail between your couple and your respective families. Without this foundation, the situation could become unmanageable.