There are those who write to me asking me what they are supposed to do in the face of the « tocardise » of certain people. They tell me, I quote: “coach, I am surrounded by jealous, envious people, people who do everything to narrow my vision, my dreams. When I tell them about my plans, they laugh and laugh at me. They call me incompetent, incapable, telling me that I will never succeed in accomplishing them because I have neither the capacities nor the skills necessary to do so ”.
The concern of these women who write to me is to know if these « thugs » who do not believe in themselves, are right to think so.
And my answer is this: you have to learn to « wedge people in the air », because « wedging in the air » comes with peace.

“My condolences to your jealousy, your desires, your wickedness and your tocardise! « .

In general, people are not there to encourage you, or to support you in your success, but on the contrary, their objective is to put you in hold. Besides, where do you think the word « hold in the air » comes from?

You don’t have to get their negative energy back, or listen to them say all these things to you. Because faith comes from what we hear. If all you do is hear people who constantly break you, who keep you down, telling you that: « you suck, that nothing good can come out of you », you will end up believing it at some point. you too. These people are thus sowing in you doubts, even a kind of faith, which you will end up accepting, if you too confess it. And since Faith comes from what we hear, this is what you will see manifested in your life.

In reality, there are very few people who want to see you succeed, and this minority is pure hearted people, meant to accompany your life, to help you progress. Otherwise, most have for one and only goal to compete with you, to create rivalries, to discourage you or to make you believe that you came on the earth only to accompany them. Moreover, it is difficult for people, who themselves are blocked or who do not evolve in their life, to help you to succeed in yours. Although some take rather pleasure in seeing you lower than earth. They like you to reach out to them to flatter their egos, making them feel like they’re better than you, or superior to you.

But you must understand one thing: you did not come to earth to be accompanied, nor to be below. It is said somewhere that the children of God, the one who created the world, are the first and never the last. They are the head and never the tail. And for it to become your reality, you must not only say it, but you must believe it, meditate on it, integrate it and accept it.
So believe in yourself! Run towards your goals, run towards your dreams. You have to fly like an eagle, because like an eagle, you cannot let people « hang in the air ».

You know, the eagle is the most majestic bird on earth. It is the bird which in front of the storms, rises above them. He is apart and does not function with others, he is lonely. And the reason he prefers to run alone is because he knows he is going far, because he knows he is flying high, because in times of difficulty he cannot lean on the others.
There are times in life when you have to behave this way my dear. Or you have to realize that you are alone moving forward towards what is important to you. Yes, you are alone against all. And in these times, you cannot go back because it is about your life. You can’t afford to sit and whine because people are jealous of you or because they hold you up and are envious. No ! Do not be discouraged by their betrayals. This is all part of life and its difficulties. And you have to be OK with it!
Tell yourself that all of these things come to push you forward, not to discourage you. So that, when they put you in the wedges, you shift, when they insult you, you « wash your body » and you tell them this: your insults, your betrayals, your wickedness leave me indifferent. “It doesn’t stick, it slips! This is what I call « block and slip ». And yes, tell them to block and slide!
My sister, don’t let yourself be discouraged, don’t let people break you for what they think of you. If you have submitted files for a project that did not work, or if you perhaps want to become an entrepreneur and from the start, all your attempts have ended in failure? My darling, don’t give up! Because one day you will get out of it, one day your light will shine, it will come on. Keep insisting. Don’t stop, because people are jealous of you. You don’t have to listen to them! Do not let their words take a place in your heart. But stay focused on your goals and projects. Do what you have to do for your life. And one day, they will be very surprised to find that despite their hatred and their wickedness, you, you have continued to move forward in the realization of your dreams.
So, stay in peace!

This is what it is!
Your mentor- Lady Sonia