L’amour en sachet, on en parle ?

Let’s face it, many couples’ relationships are masquerades …

Some are in a relationship with a person for interest, not to be alone or to be like everyone else. Apparently happy couples and yet there is no commitment, no intimacy, no passion; the very definition of true love.

We do not connect to make the other suffer morally and / or physically. The love your partner receives should be different from that given to others.

Get to know your partner, take care of him or her materially, intellectually, spiritually.

In your relationship, harmony, complicity, sharing and not insults, harsh criticism or even moral and physical violence should reign.

We don’t force love, neither do we buy and we don’t accept one-sided love. You build your relationship on solid foundations. If the other does not have the same desires or the same intentions, you already know the outcome of this relationship even before having started it! It’s just common sense!

You need to flourish in your relationship. This is why you must refuse anything that hinders your development. Like the lack of respect and consideration of your partner.

Do not stay in a relationship that began with lies or manipulation, deception because from the start the relationship is distorted and especially the foundation is bad.

Be real! The real motives of your love must be pure and your heart at peace, joy, confidence.