Les hypocrites de la vie

Hypocrisy is an attitude of hiding your character. In a way, you become the super coward alias pretense.

This mask can sometimes lead you to be a yes-man, prioritizing the opinions of others. By having this syndrome you are filled with fear of being frowned upon.

The hour is serious, if you recognize yourself in these first lines. Hypocrisy leads you to create a false identity for yourself, you become the creator of illusions and mirages. In my humble opinion, no one should be described in this way.

However, if you are tired of being ashamed of this reflection that is not yours, there is a solution:

Be you ! Don’t lie to yourself anymore. You are not a child of the Devil. Even less a « joke ». What if you won your peace? Freedom dear, does it speak to you, did you dream about it?

Over here, take action! Accept to be true to yourself. Hold all the haters in the air. Be vigilant with « yes but … ». It is equivalent to saying no. Refuse to live in copy and paste to please others.

Did you or do you hang out with them when you love them? stop you are not a suicide bomber. Why all these pretenses? Fully assume your choices and your will.

If you are filled with this deadly venom, you will look like politicians. You will have a lot of biases. What you’re doing is giving you a twisted heart, stop it!

You deserve the truth in every way, for yourself and for others. No one should insult your intelligence at this level. I invite you to look at your heart, God only looks at that too. How is the latter?
Betrayal, deception,… stop and become real. Don’t lie anymore, show yourself as you really are. Be authentic.

No more sooty heart.