Ta galère est ton pont vers ta destinée

How can God exist, and you live all these hardships?

You’ve asked yourself or you keep asking yourself this question, haven’t you?

Today I come with a special balm for you: YOU WILL HAPPEN SOMEWHERE! Be reassured, God sees everything and he hears everything.

The Lord does not take pleasure in your suffering, or that you are violated by the trials of life. God’s honor is at stake. When you don’t succeed, it doesn’t glorify Him.

Do not confuse your trials with what you call galley, in reality everything you live in order to get closer to your destiny. You are in the hallway of your next day.

You have encountered difficulties and you will still encounter them, that’s normal. None of your failures can kill you or put you in a comatose state.
Don’t sign the resignation letter on your own life, the thing of God is in you.

See the wounds, the betrayals, the rejection, the failure, the humiliation as a bridge to your upliftment.

Your learning passes and will go through public and lamentable failures, that’s normal. You are in your process. Tea needs hot water to bring out all of its essence and flavor.

What you call emotional galley, spiritual galley, sentimental galley, are not reasons to make you flee your own life.

God still loves you and his plans for happiness and peace for you are still relevant today. Say to Satan: “Behind me with your lies, the Lord is with me and he will not forsake me. « 

May your tears flow from hope and not from sadness at the pressures you are under.

With the Lord, you have the majority, go and conquer your destiny. Stop being cowardly and miserable. God lives in you, you cannot fail. Take heart and work for your destiny.

Prayer is not enough.

Go, Triumph and rule! Fight for the fulfillment of His promise to you. Become Free and Blossoming  !

Pssssssssssssssssssssssst! There will come times when you will be afraid, times when you will suffer.

Please take every opportunity that comes your way, don’t occupy the Earth unnecessarily. Be bold to find out who you are. Arise, like David with your three stones, to face the Goliaths of your destiny. You have the DNA of God in you. Even without anything you can succeed. Do not seek the easy, you are made in the image of God. See yourself through His eyes.

How will you cross your desert, having answered the following questions:

  • Who are you ?
  • Where do you come from ?
  • Why are you on Earth?
  • What are your abilities?
  • What is your destination, where are you going?

The victory is in you, you have the capacity to change your life. Get your body inside clothe and be in harmony with your destiny.

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  • Eva Posted février 7, 2018 10:08

    Merci ma coach pour ces conseils, je vais m’y mettre dès à présent.
    Le Tout puissant sera mon guide